Motorcycle Corner

A collection of dual sport and adventure motorcycle related rides, trips, projects/modifications, and events.  For the trips and rides documented below, GPS tracks, maps, and images from the ride are also provided.

Trips & day rides

Death Valley dual sport ride
Death Valley 2014 multi-day adventure ride

Nevada City to Downieville dual sport loop
Nevada City - Downieville - Washington - Malakoff Diggins dual sport loop
Eastern Sierra dual sport ride
Eastern Sierras
week dual sport tour

Sweetwater mountains dual sport ride 
Sweetwater Mountains
dual sport ride
Donner Summit train tunnels 
Donner Summit train tunnels
Foresthill to Iowa Hill motorcycle ride
Foresthill, Iowa Hill, Michigan Bluff dual sport loop
Colfax to Dutch Flat to Highway 20 at the Bear River
Colfax, Dutch Flat, Highway 20 at Bear River loop
Death Valley Panamint Springs 3-day dual sport ride
Death Valley 2016 Panamint Springs 3-day dual sport ride 

Projects & modifications

Motorcycle dashcam installation 
Motorcycle dashcam


 Hangtown Motorcross races - May 2013
Hangtown Motorcross races
May 2013
AFM Sonoma sportbike races
May 2015

Disclaimer: Riding a motorcycle is inherently a dangerous activity and should only be done after proper training, in a sane manner, staying on designated trails, and with appropriate safety measures.  Always wear a helmet and other necessary protective gear.  The author of this website disavows any responsibility of information found here, and how it is used, or the consequences from the result of it.  Not all the information here may be accurate and is provided as-is as a public courtesy, as mistakes are possible, and should not be relied upon without proper cross-checking through additional sources.