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A collection of dual sport and adventure motorcycle related rides, trips, projects/modifications, event photos, and a list of GPS tracks with accompanying maps.  For the trips and rides blog documented below, GPS tracks, maps, YouTube video links, and images from the ride are also provided.

Trips & day ride blogs

Death Valley dual sport ride
Death Valley 2014 multi-day adventure ride

Nevada City to Downieville dual sport loop
Nevada City - Downieville - Washington - Malakoff Diggins dual sport loop
Eastern Sierra dual sport ride
Eastern Sierras
week dual sport tour

Sweetwater mountains dual sport ride 
Sweetwater Mountains
dual sport ride
Donner Summit train tunnels 
Donner Summit train tunnels
Foresthill to Iowa Hill motorcycle ride
Foresthill, Iowa Hill, Michigan Bluff dual sport loop
Colfax to Dutch Flat to Highway 20 at the Bear River
Colfax, Dutch Flat, Highway 20 at Bear River loop
Death Valley Panamint Springs 3-day dual sport ride
Death Valley 2016 Panamint Springs 3-day dual sport ride 
Bikes at Mexican border 
Great Continental Divide Ride

Projects & modification how-to

Motorcycle dashcam installation (F800GS) 
Motorcycle dashcam (F800GS)
Motorcycle dashcam installation (DRZ400S) 

Motorcycle dashcam (DRZ400S)

Event photos

 Hangtown Motorcross races - May 2013
Hangtown Motorcross races
May 2013
AFM Sonoma sportbike races
May 2015

GPS tracks and maps of favorite rides

All of these rides are in California or Nevada.  The author has personally done all these rides either on a Suzuki DRZ400S dual sport or a BMW F800GSA adventure bike. The Suzuki tires are around 30/70 (road/dirt), while the BMW tires are about 50/50.  All the tracks were captured during the rides with an Garmin Oregon 600 GPS.  In some cases a complete track may not have been captured while trying to conserve batteries during more obvious sections of a route.

Difficulty rating
1 - Paved, with possibility of some chip-and-seal or light gravel. Any bike should do.
2 - Moderate amount of dirt (fire roads), may have a few ruts and/or minor water crossings.  Good for bigger adventure bikes with trail tires.
3 - More dirt with potential patches of sand, mud, and/or water crossings.  Dual sport preferred, but adv bike doable with knobbies and reasonable skill.
4 - Lots of dirt with more technical challenges such as deep sand, steep climbs, rockier, mud, deeper water crossings. Dual sport highly recommended.
5 - Very technical. Expect to crash and get your ass kicked. Rider should have advanced skills and capable dual sport or dirt bike.

Route Description Map GPX file Notes Difficulty
Carrizo Plain loop Carrizo Plain dual sport loop.gpx Mostly dirt, most well graded, but some more technical climbs on the east side into the Tembler Mtns 3
Continental Divide Route
from Mexico to Canada
CDR thumbnail  See the GPS track list in the summary of the CDR ride description here  3000 miles following the spine of the Continental Divide from Mexico to Canada, about 80-90% off road. See the blog on the Great Continental Divide ride above for more details 3
Coyote Flat out of Bishop CYFL - Coyote Flat out of Bishop dual sport route.gpx Long stretches of deep sand on flat, and relatively steep initial switchback climb with deep ruts. See day 5 of the Eastern Sierra ride blog for more details. 4
Cache Creek, Bear Valley, Indian Valley, Upper Clear Lake, and Lake Pillsbury Cache Creek Casino, Bear Valley, Indian Valley, Upper Lake, Lake Pillbury loop.gpx Few minor rutted sections near approach to Indian Valley 2
Death Valley: Panamint Springs to Saline Hot Springs via Hunter Pass, Racetrack, and Lippencott Pass Panamint Springs - Hunter Pass - Racetrack - Lippencott - Saline Valley Hot spring loop.gpx Most technical section on Lippencott Pass.  Epic washboard on the Racetrack road is the ultimate torture test.
See day 2 of the DV Panamint Springs ride blog above for more details.
Death Valley: Panamint Springs to Barker Ranch, then down to Bad Water via Westside road to Furnace Creek, then rtn via pavement PanamintSprgs-BarkerRanch-Westside-FurnaceCreek loop.gpx Technical sections on Goler Canyon Pass, plus many sections of loose sand.  More of a '3' up to Barker Ranch.
See the day 1 of the DV Panamint Springs ride blog above for more details.
Donner Pass train tunnels Donner Summit train tunnel dual sport track.gpx Loose sections on approach to train tunnel road, otherwise it is a '2'.
See the blog above for more details.
Downieville to Quincy via Poker Flat and LaPorte Downieville to Quincy via LaPorte dual sport route.gpx Dirt from Downieville to LaPorte, then paved to Quincy. Very hard climb out of Canyon Creek ravine out of Poker Flat makes it a 5, otherwise the dirt is mostly a 3. Water crossing can be deep. 4.5
Ebbetts Pass to Bear Trap Wilderness Ebetts Pass - Bear Trap ride.gpx Mix of pavement on Highway 4 and more technical dirt in the Bear Trap wilderness. Later contains lots of rocky, loose and steep climbs 4
Folsom to Fiddletown, Ione, Sutter Creek, Michigan Bar loop Folsom-ElDorado-Somerset-Fiddletown-SutterCrk-Ione-MichiganBar.gpx Trickest section are some deeper water crossings on dirt between Scott Road and Latrobe and Michigan Bar, plus some mud east of Michigan Bar. Otherwise mostly paved w minor water crossings. 2
Folsom to Mokelumne Hill to Murphys loop via backroads Folsom-Ione-PardeeLake-MokelumneHill-SheepRanch-Murphys loop.gpx Mostly paved except for dirt from Sheep Ranch to Murphys.  Can have some mud or sand depending on season. 2
Foresthill - Colfax - Iowa Hill - Sugar Pine loop Foresthill - Iowa Hill dual sport loop.gpx Dirt on Yankee Jim from ForestHill to Colfax, and from Sugar Pine back to Foresthill Road. Nice twisty climb up Iowa Hill from the north fork.
See the blog above for more details.
Foresthill - Mosquito Ridge road - Robinson Flat - Soda Springs - Nevada City loop Foresthill - Soda Springs loop  Foresthill-MosquitoRidge-RobinsonFlat-SodaSprings loop.gpx Foresthill down Mosquito Ridge (twisty asphalt), Robinson Flat and Soda Springs via dirt/rocky trail (few steep sections & water crossings), then back to Nevada City on highway 40 and 20. Good adventure bike challenge. 
Gardnerville - Diamond Valley - Indian Creek - Monitor Pass backroads Gardnerville - Diamond Valley - Indian Creek - Monitor Pass backroads dual sport.gpx Most challenging dirt and large loose rock on Monitor Pass backroad, otherwise this is a '2'. 3
Georgetown - French Meadows - Foresthill backroad Georgetown - French Meadows - Foresthill loop.gpx Mostly paved, with a few rough sections between Wentworth Springs and French Meadows
UPDATE on 5/17: Road washed out due to winter rains 1.5 miles north of Wentworth Springs
Hope Valley - Red Lake to Blue Lakes over Red Pass, and then back as a loop Hope Valley - Red Pass - Blue Lakes loop.gpx Rocky sections over Red Pass and descent into the Blue Lakes basin. 3.5
Mono Craters backroads via Taylor Canyon Mono Craters loop.gpx Sections of very loose volcanic ash, akin to coarse sand. Some fun sections with sweeping turns on big berms of loose ash.  Best done on a dual sport. 3.5
Nevada City to Downieville via Malakoff Diggins, Alleghany, and Galloway street Yuba River Nevada City to Downieville.gpx Lots of dirt with a few rougher sections. Steep descent on looser dirt to Downieville on Galloway street. 3
Nevada City - Downieville - Jackson Meadows - Washington Loop YBGC - Yuba River gold country loop from Nevada City to Downieville and back.gpx Long ride: Lots of technical sections with babyhead sized boulder fields between Jackson Meadows and Washington. See the Nevada City - Downieville ride blog for more details. 4
Nevada City to Downieville via Camptonville, then up to the Saddleback mtn fire lookout NevadaCity-Downieville-Saddleback-loop.gpx Easiest route from Nevada City to Downieville (rating of '2'). More of a '3' on road up to Saddleback mtn 2.5
North Coast: Leggett to Sinkyone, Shelter Cove, Kings Range, back down PCH to Salt Point North Coast - Leggett to Sinkyone, Shelter Cove, along the PCH to Salt Point.gpx Mix of pavement and well graded dirt. Most rutted sections along Usal Road and Kings Peak Road. 2.5
Sweetwater Mountains: Desert Creek to Lobdell Lake Sweetwaters Desert Creek camp to Lobdell Lake and back.gpx Rocky and rutted sections on some steep climbs plus some mud. Best done on a dual sport. See the Sweetwater mtns ride blog for more details. 3.7
Tahoe Rim Trail east side Tahoe rim trail east dual sport.gpx Lots of short technical sections, including steeper climbs, babyhead rocks and sand. 4
Truckee to Martis Peak and down to Kings Beach Truckee to Tahoe via Martis Creek and peak dual sport.gpx Mix of paved and dirt roads in reasonable condition 3
Truckee loop out to Stampede Reservoir, Verdi, and Babbits Peak Truckee_Stampede_Verdi_BabbitsPeak_loop.gpx Big variety of conditions with steep climbs, rutted sections, loose dirt 3.5
Volcanic Tablelands out of Bishop Volcanic tablelands dual sport track.gpx
Volcanic tablelands adv bike track (easier).gpx
Relatively maintained dirt roads, composted mostly packed volcanic ash.
See day 4 of the Eastern Sierras ride blog above for more details.

Disclaimer: Riding a motorcycle is inherently a dangerous activity and should only be done after proper training, in a sane manner, staying on designated trails, and with appropriate safety measures.  Always wear a helmet and other necessary protective gear.  The author of this website disavows any responsibility of information found here, and how it is used, or the consequences from the result of it.  Not all the information here may be accurate and is provided as-is as a public courtesy, as mistakes are possible, and should not be relied upon without proper cross-checking through additional sources.