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August 20, 2017

Ancient Symbols

Ancient Symbols

A night composition of petroglyphs left by the ancestors of the Paiute Indians that once occupied the lands of this area.  The interpretation of this chipped-in-the-rock drawings is still not fully understood to this day.  But some believe that some of them may record previously observed astronomical events.  Some look like they are documenting time in the form of lunar or annual cycles.  Related to this, a recent article published in Science News believes one petroglyph found at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico is a representation of a total solar eclipse, as representing the solar flares that are more visible during such an astronomical event. 

Below you will find some additional select petroglyphs (rendered in black and white) I have encountered in my various travels across the Southwest.  Note that unfortunately some of these have been defaced, using them as target practice or leaving their own thoughtless chicken scratches.