Picture of the week

Jan 22, 2017

Snowy cabin

Snowy Cabin

A snow covered cabin on the shores of Echo Lake at the edge of the Desolation Wilderness near Lake Tahoe.  The scene reminded me somewhat of one of the cutesy Thomas Kincaid paintings.  The only things missing was smoke coming out of the chimney, and photographed closer to dusk with some warm light glowing from the windows.

Randy, John, and SteveMyself and two friends (Randy and John) did some backcountry ski explorations in the area this last week, crossing both the lower and upper frozen lakes, and then up a couple of ridges to the west toward Aloha Lakes basin, breaking new trail.  It was a great day for skiing, with lots of new fallen snow and ideal conditions. The total distance covered was about 8~9 miles, leaving from the Sno-Park near US-50 at Echo Summit at about 9am, and returning by about 2pm.  We have been fortunate this year with plenty of snow in the Sierra Nevada.  The main challenge seems more of waiting for big enough breaks for the roads to clear, in what seem to be a continous wave of storm fronts coming in from the Pacific.

PIctures were taken with my pocketable Canon G7X, which has been ideal for these types of activities.