Picture of the week

October 22, 2017

Eastern Sierra Palisades

The "Thumb" of the southern Palisades

An ominuous snow covered and rugged crag of the Palisades.  Photographed with my 100-400mm L f/4.5-5.6 telephoto lens while exploring some dirt backroads of the eastern Sierra the morning after an early winter storm that dusted the tops of these mountains.  While at this particular location I encountered what looked like a basecamp (currently unoccupied) that someone established for access into these mountains via a climber trailhead here.  I am just hoping that whoever may have been up there during this fleeting storm managed and made it back out okay.

I have found that the 100-400mm lens can be quite valuable for these types of distant landscape compositions. A technique I like to call: photo sniping.  Below you will find some other captures done in a similar matter, plus some others during my wanderings in the Owens Valley under an attractive lighting of a passing storm.