Little Finland

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Little Finland refers to a remote area of the southern Nevada desert northeast of Las Vegas that consists of some unusually contorted sandstone rock formations. Due to its remote, distant, and difficult to reach location (a high clearance 4wd is recommended), it is somewhat more preserved and relatively undisturbed from what one would expect for an area that looks so fragile. Due to the delicate nature of this geology, it is easy to see why one would be concerned about travelers that are not considerate to this unique area.


From a photographic perspective I found the location to provide many creative opportunities, and best photographed at sunset.  There is a ridgeline to the east that keeps the area in shadow at sunrise, preventing any reasonable morning light photography. As you explore the area, you may note that some of these rock formations can resemble strange creatures or even everyday objects like a teapot as shown in image 6 or Aladdin's lamp as shown in image 9.  I have found other formations that look like wolf or rhinosaurus heads.  Some of the larger sandstone rock formations have a layering that remind me of those found in the Vermillion Cliffs region of Northern Arizona.  Others have mentioned the unusual rock formations found here in Little Finland reminds them also of the Fantasy Canyon area as found in southern Utah; including the famous "The Back of Beyond" image by the photographer Michael Fatali (and the rock formation that was later destroyed under mysterious circumstances). 


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