Southwest Florida bird photography (page 11)
Shark Bay at the northern end of the Everglades

There is a 2 hour long tram ride that visitors can take on a loop through this portion of the park. When I think of tram rides, I think of places like Disneyland, which is an immediate turn-off.  Based on discussion with other birders, the feedback we got is don't bother with the tram ride, and instead just walk the first hundred yards of the road from the parking lot.  This road is lined with water on each side with plenty of birds and alligators in the water or along its edge.   We ended stopping at this location on the way back from the Everglades proper.  It reminded me somewhat of the Anhinga trail in terms of the tameness of the birds and your ability to get close. But the landscape and wildlife is not as extensive or diverse.  Shark Bay is a popular spot with tourists, so your photography will be in the midst of dozens, if not hundreds of others with their point-and-shoots or camera phones.  Parking can also be a problem here on weekends, so if you plan on visiting this location, plan on an early morning shoot.

Alligator young
Big brother
Anhinga fishing
Anhinga fishing

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