Travel Guide to California Photography

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ISBN: 978-1367978584

A comprehensive photography oriented travel guide for California

Travel Guide to California PhotographyThe ideal travel companion for photography of California.  Over 250 separate locations are covered for capturing beautiful pictures of the Golden State.  Geared for the photographer enthusiast looking to explore and capture high quality images of signature locations, detailed tips are provided to help guide the reader for the best results.  With this book in hand, finding and photographing those special locations across California is easier than ever.

  • For each location, directions are given on how to get there, difficulty to access, plus smart phone friendly GPS coordinates for more obscure and harder to find spots.

  • Recommendations are provided on time of day and season for the best pictures.

  • 365 pages, with over 450 on-location quality color reference images and 45 separate maps.

  • Technical photographic guidance is provided including equipment recommendations along with compositional and lighting suggestions.

  • Historical and natural history background is provided for many of the locations.

  • A special category of "Places in Between" of more out-of-the-way opportunistic photographic destinations.

  • An introductory primer for refreshing or advancing your photography skills, reviewing ingredients, including key DSLR capabilities, use of filters, focus and exposure control, lighting, and composition.

  • A convenient index, table of figures, and global map is also included for easier reference.

For visitors and locals alike, you will find the Travel Guide to California Photography indispensable in your travels across the entire state.


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