Loney Meadows

Stephen Fischer Photography

Loney Meadows is a pristine high sierra meadow up at about 6000 feet about 15 miles northeast of Blue Canyon. It is a great location for wildflowers in the late spring during or early summer between late May and July. It typically comes into bloom about a month earlier than the conditions at Winnemucca Lake.  This particular meadow is off the beaten path, and thus you will not typically see too many other people here. Its seculsion helps to preserve the untrampled nature of this area. While not as in-your-face spectacular as some other popular wildflower locations, there is much beauty to find here, but just more subtle.

For those interested in native pollinators, this is also a popular location for finding a variety of different bee species. Due to its isolation and distance from any commercial or residential areas, you will not find many domesticated european honeybees at this location in which the natives have to compete against. 

The meadow itself is in excellent condition. But most of the interesting plant, insects, and bird life will be found at the edges as you hike around it.  It is an easy 1 mile hike on relatively flat terrain, complete with a stream running through the middle. A parking area is only about 1/4 mile from the meadow itself.

Loney Meadow mapGetting here is best from Interstate 80 a few miles east of Blue Canyon. Take the highway 20 exit toward Nevada City. From there head about 4 miles west to Bowman Lake road. From the start of this road, you will drive about 10~11 miles in the northerly direction. After just a few miles you will pass a parking area on the left for Bear River. There is also a meadow and picnic area here that is worth stopping at and exploring if you have the time. Continuing on Bowman Lake road becomes gravel/dirt about half way up, and you just stay on it unti you see the sign to the right for Lindsey Lake. Take this road off to the right, but make the first left. If you are on the right path you will see an old dilapidated building. Pass this and take the dirt road that forks to the left. Stay left for another couple of forks until the road ends at a small parking area on the top of a small rise. It can be tricky finding this area as there is no specific sign for Loney Meadow and many different forks in the road along the way. From the parking area, follow the trail down the hill past the gate. The recommended hike is to stay to the right and loop around the meadow in a counter-clockwise manner.  Give yourself a couple of hours to enjoy the beauty of this area and extra time for a picnic lunch if you properly planned ahead.

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