Wolfman panel

Stephen Fischer Photography

The Wolfman panel is one of the most artistic set of petroglyphs I have seen in Southern Utah. The designs on this wall seems to have been done with a little more thought, detail, and effort. Perhaps it is the reflection of one particular artist at the time?   Unfortunately some of the work has been shot up or used for target practice in more recent times. Although no longer pristine for this reason, the quality and detail in these designs is well worth a visit. One particular design (image 2) is intriguing for its negative backrelief of some type of star burst, and then surrounded by a separate border. It goes beyond the typical more simplistic two dimensional images of the many other petroglyphs one typically finds, implying a higher level of sophistication.

The panel is half way down to the river bottom of the Butler Wash. It is adjacent to a more open area that would appear to be very hospitable for a village and agriculture.  The only other signs I saw of previous habitation is a small granary on the opposite canyon wall just north of this area.

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